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It's important to choose the correct type of traction battery vent caps and battery vent plugs for your car or motorcycle (amperage sizes). Extra capacity is welcome, but not more than 30% than that recommended by the manufacturer. Do not ever buy a battery which provides less energy than what your car or motorcycle needs!

Carefully read the warranty of the battery and note the instructions for fitting, maintenance, loading, and the conditions for warranty. Do the mandatory technical verification when purchasing the battery or within 5 working days, while fully respecting the instructions for installation and operation.


The batteries supplied are either pre-formed or electrolytes load (car batteries, tractors, special), dried with attached electrolyte in containers or in the form of gel (gel motorcycle batteries). The batteries should be stored in closed and dry spaces, with temperatures between +5 and +30 degrees C, away from heat, direct sunlight, acids, bases, salts, oils, and should have their caps sealed (where applicable).

It is advisable not to store battery vent plugs for more than about 6 months in order to keep them under normal functioning parameters (the battery gets discharged over time), but also because you don't want to lose a considerable time from the warranty. This is not true for the motorcycle battery electrolyte attached, those with gel or the car batteries that have specified a certain storage period in their technical characteristics.


For loading, the pole (+) binds to the pole (+) of the continuous power supply (rectifier), while the pole (-) of the battery connects to the pole (-) of the power supply. Then, the charger gets connected to the mains . Charging is done with the batteries caps removed. Sealed batteries do not require removing the plugs. Charging time varies depending on battery capacity in Ah and its degree of discharge. It usually takes between 36-48 hours for a fully discharged battery to load completely. Charge current I (A) = 0.1 x (nominal battery capacity in Ah). If necessary after loading it controls the electrolyte level in each cell and is filled only with distilled water up to the maximum indicated on the battery. Not required for sealed batteries.


We recommend to mount the battery in a workshop! Defects due to faulty mounting lead to invalidation of the warranty.

The battery fits into the support so there is no space in-between. Before fitting it, remove the battery from the car and disconnect all electrical equipment to avoid accidental short circuits. During installation, if the installation is minus the first time you'll link cable (+) to the positive terminal (+) of the battery and then wire the (-) to terminal (-) of the battery. The removal is done in reverse order. During operation, regularly check the electrolyte level in the battery, even if the battery is of the type "maintenance free" of plug openings must not be blocked. If battery acid level is below the minimum mark on the battery ferry filled with distilled water only, never with sulfuric acid. If the battery is moistened with distilled water is needed quickly completing a month is a sign that beach relay voltage regulator is too high and battery is overloaded.


Before removing the battery from use for a period of time, fully charge the battery. In the case of a small self-discharge, the electrolyte and the density must be controlled for 30 days. If the density is less than 1.24 k / cc is advisable to recharge the battery.

We advise users to avoid a prolonged standing phase of the car (over 3-6 months), especially during the cold season. It would be preferable to remove the battery and store it in a proper space upon re-use.

Operation and maintenance

Regular maintenance of the battery vent plugs should be made regardless whether they encounter problems or not. Periodically check the battery level, or if the standard battery electrolyte level (for batteries with maintenance). In order to continuously monitor the battery while using it, you can use a Battery Bug analyzer. Such unit provides detailed information about the battery in a glance. If you run the engine for a long period (e.g. during winter), then battery must be removed and kept loaded in a warm room.


The batteries operate using sulfuric acid. If the acid comes accidentally in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a physician. If it touched the skin or clothing, wash with soap and rinse with water.

CAUTION! Sulfuric acid can cause severe injury! Use protective gloves!

The battery must be recycled because it contains lead and sulfuric acid. Any buyer is bound by GD 1132/2008 to dispose the battery into specially-designed recycling centers.

For quality battery vent plugs, is always at your disposal. We provide only thorough-tested units, and we're able to provide warranty for each of them. Contact us now for more information!